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University IP Network Broadcasting System Solution


The function of the university campus broadcasting system needs to meet the needs of teachers' teaching, student activities, school authority, and multi-zone control.
The following solutions are suitable for vocational colleges, general colleges, key colleges and other places, with functions such as audio on demand, paging and intercom. The administrator communicates with the system server in real time at the sub-control workstation to realize interactive on-demand content. Through the network system, the intercom terminal can be called at will and the terminals in each campus or sub-campus can conduct two-way intercom.


The network broadcasting system encodes the audio signal and control signal into a digital signal through the server plus software, and transmits the signal to each terminal device through the campus network, and then decodes it by the terminal to finally form a broadcast sound. The school area is divided into broadcast control room, campus broadcast station (campus sub-control room), teaching building, office building, administrative building, outdoor building surroundings and main roads, and independent sound reinforcement of the sports field. Each part of the IP broadcast realizes overall broadcast control and independent broadcast control.

Master Control Design

The control center is composed of IP broadcasting central control host and IP network broadcasting system software, which can not only control and manage the broadcasting terminals in the whole school, but also realize the control of any network terminal, and each terminal can play different content at the same time.

Campus Radio

Equipped with mixer, professional broadcast microphone, monitor speakers and various audio source equipment (CD player, computer, etc.), to meet the campus radio broadcast and song order service, and equipped with IP network microphone as sub-control equipment to assist in the management of the broadcast system.

Classroom Design

The use of IP network speakers in the classroom not only meets the basic teaching functions of bells and background music, but also meets the teaching multimedia sound reinforcement.

Corridor Design

Whether it is classroom corridors or corridors in other areas such as offices, the general design principle is that the whole building is used as the same area for broadcasting partition management. The control system controls the IP network power amplifier to control each area.

Exterior Design

Outdoor areas include the surroundings of buildings, main roads, and playgrounds. Generally, waterproof sound columns are used to meet the sound reinforcement. Main roads and surrounding buildings generally use 40W waterproof sound columns. The playground is a very important place for outdoor sound reinforcement in schools. Here 120W waterproof sound column is adopted. Outdoor sound reinforcement generally has the characteristics of large speaker power and high total power. Generally, the form of IP network front terminal + high-power pure power amplifier + waterproof sound column is used to achieve sound reinforcement to meet the requirements of each area. Unified control.

Function Realization

The system covers traditional public broadcasting system functions, such as unified broadcasting, district broadcasting, background broadcasting, emergency broadcasting, scheduled broadcasting, unattended, telephone broadcasting and other functions.

Audio On Demand

The system has a real-time on-demand function, which allows the administrator to communicate with the system server in real time at the sub-control workstation to realize interaction and freely order the program content of the server.

Paging Broadcast

Set up an emergency broadcast function to broadcast emergency events on campus, such as: notices of people missing, missing objects, important school notices, policy promotion, etc.

Timed Bell

The school's daily bells for get out of class start and end are intelligently timed, and the content is easy to modify. 
The school's characteristic ringtones can be designed without personnel on duty.

Radio Station

The system server supports Windows and other system operations. Select the appropriate operating system according to the needs, and it is easy to use. The software interface is simple and clear, and it is convenient to select broadcast content and area selection.

Remote Intercom

One-button call terminals are set up in the student activity area, equipped with answering stations such as security room, teacher's duty room, dean's room, multi-level call answering, and call transfer function.

Emergency Broadcast

The broadcasting system is seamlessly connected with the fire protection system, identifying the disaster area, notifying the local police information to each control network, and at the same time automatically alarming the area and the affected area according to the scope of the police influence and the size of the hazard, improving the efficiency of crowd evacuation and reducing losses Degree.
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