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Guangzhou Xinyue Network Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Xinyue network equipment Co., Ltd. is a technology development company specializing in the R & D, production and sales of network audio products, IP network broadcasting, intelligent broadcasting, IP broadcasting, IP network intercom and public broadcasting equipment.

Our products mainly include network audio transmission control module, IP network broadcast, IP network intercom, network paging microphone, network audio terminal, serial server, embedded networking module, clock module, SNTP evaluation board, DMX512 adapter, network IO board, network access control test, converter and other products.
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Company History​​​​​​​
  • From 2005 to 2023, sinrey insisted on R&D and innovation in the field of network audio broadcasting, providing and customizing innovative products for global customers.

    Starting from China, Sinrey provides you with high-speed OEM/ODM services or product solutions.
  • We have launched a multi-functional SIP microphone host that supports P2P intercom with SIP devices without servers, and supports functions such as call broadcasting and music plan broadcasting.
  • In response to market demand, we have invested multiple resources in the development of SIP protocol devices and launched broadcast software based on the RTP multicast protocol, supporting broadcast management for most SIP protocol devices on the market.
  • We separately launched a SIP protocol intercom device that supports the standard SIP protocol and RTP multicast protocol.
  • We are developing a simple and easy-to-use radio intercom system without any computer or server support
  • Launch the Internet broadcast intercom system platform. It is mainly used for radio intercom in Ping'an city and chain supermarkets, and can be connected with the monitoring system.
  • Launch the Internet broadcasting system, which is mainly used in rural broadcasting.

  • With the expansion of network audio business, we have specially established Guangzhou Xinyue network equipment Co., Ltd. to be responsible for network audio business.

  • The latest company in China to launch network audio module applies coal mine radio intercom, bank intercom, campus radio and so on.
  • Our serial port servers were widely used in the fields of banking, finance, and banking monitoring, and all devices are still running reliably.
  • Guangzhou Changyue Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established, becoming one of the first technology companies in China specializing in the development of serial server and serial networking module.
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