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  • SINREY Ceiling Speakers: High-Quality Audio for Modern Interiors
    Sinrey is well known for its high-quality ceiling speakers that are designed to deliver exceptional audio performance while blending seamlessly into modern interiors. These speakers are ideal for a variety of applications, including home theaters, multi-room audio systems, and commercial installatio
  • Listening To RTP Audio Streams And Playing Them Back
    SINREY's SIP network audio equipment supports multiple network protocols and audio codec protocols. It can receive audio streams from the network and output high-quality audio signals through the line after module decoding. Currently, it supports the following audio formats: MP3, WAV (PCM +IMA ADPCM
  • SIP Intercom Speakers: Enhancing Communications with Network-Based Solutions
    mmunications with Network-Based SolutionsSIP intercom speakers are advanced communication devices that utilise IP (Internet Protocol) networks to provide powerful and versatile intercom solutions. These devices are commonly used in a variety of settings including offices, schools, hospitals, residen
  • 15W SIP Ceiling Speakers: Efficient and Scalable Audio Solutions for Modern Networks
    15W SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) ceiling speakers are a type of network-based speakers that are typically used in commercial or large residential environments. These speakers are part of an IP-based audio system and easily integrate with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems, paging
  • Upgrading Device Firmware Using The Manager Application
    SINREY's network audio broadcast intercom equipment uses an ARM processor architecture with a speed of up to 400MHz and a professional two-way audio Codec. Through the network interface, our network audio equipment can be upgraded through the dedicated Manager software, and functional errors can als
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