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Discovering and Configuring Device Parameters with the Manager Application

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-21      Origin: Site


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SINREY's network audio broadcast intercom equipment supports DHCP protocol, can automatically assign IP addresses, and can also be configured through a dedicated configuration program Manager. It supports three data transmission methods: broadcast, multicast, and unicast, and supports IGMP v2, providing the ability to receive cross-segment multicast data.

This article will provide a detailed explanation on how to configure the IP address and otherparameters ofnetwork audio devices using the Manager software

1.PC with Manager software installed to the same LAN, start the PC and our network audio device.

2.Run the Manager software, execute the shortcut menu "Refresh", search for network devices in the same subnet in the LAN, and display the searched network devices in the main window.

manager application interface

3.  Double-click to enter the device properties interface, click "Base Parameter", and set the device's IP address, gateway, subnet mask, and DNS server.

manager settings

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