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Other Products

  • 743V SIP Ceiling Speaker
    The 743V IP Ceiling Speaker is a ceiling-mounted SIP speaker for voice paging, emergency and music playback. The speaker has a 10/100M Ethernet interface, supports 10 priority multicast areas, and can play network audio through its own speaker with an output power of up to 15W.
  • SIP Active Speaker
    Speakers with HD sound chamber
    Call waiting function with SIP paging, multicast paging, priority override
    Full-band and wideband audio codec support including Opus and G.722
    15W power amplifier output interface (external auxiliary speaker)
    1 10/100Mbps network port, supports PoE/PoE+
  • Audio Preamplifier Module
    The SIP2102V is an affordable stand-alone SIP audio preamplifier module designed for passive SIP intercom requests and RTP multicast. While it doesn't support active SIP intercom requests, it does an excellent job of decoding and playing audio content. SIP2102V can handle G.711a/u and G.722 audio decoding protocols, and is suitable for applications such as real-time paging, scheduled broadcasts, background music, and emergency broadcasts.
  • SINREY Audio Control Module
    SINREY Pin-type SIP 2701V network intercom audio module is designed to support SIP protocol standards (SIP v1 - RFC2543, v2 - RFC3261), provides advanced point-to-point SIP intercom functionality, and operates independently of the SIP server. With its pin configuration, it brings convenience and flexibility to your intercom system. Experience a higher level of connectivity and communication with our SIP intercom modules.
  • Ip Intercom Paging Microphone for Streaming
    SIP803V is a desktop intercom paging microphone from SINREY. This intercom paging microphone is equipped with an RJ45 network interface and a DC5.5-2.1 power connector. It can automatically obtain an IP address (BootP or DHCP) after powering on, or through SINREY The Manager software was developed to find the IP address.
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