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Rural Wan audio broadcasting system

Terminal system structure

The rural network public broadcasting system is based on the Ethernet technology. The transmission of audio and control signals is digitized. TCP / IP protocol is adopted for communication. The digitized audio stream is transmitted through the network, and the audio data is transmitted to each network node. The network audio terminal receives and restores the analog audio signal, and amplifies the output.

Audio decoder form

Network interface: can receive real-time audio and non real-time audio files from Internet servers
Audio output: line output, connected to external power amplifier audio line input: used for local amplification
Built in TF Card: used for timing playback, with capacity up to 8g
Built in pickup: it can collect sound signals around the decoder
Power control output: one relay output, which can control the power supply of external power amplifier

Audio decoder function

Support Wan, automatic configuration of network parameters (DHCP)
Receive network audio files and play them regularly
Receive network real-time audio and play it instantly
 Priority control, real time > timing > local public address
 Synchronous to control external power amplifier power supply:

Device server software

All devices will automatically log in to the server, and all network data will be forwarded through the server
Real time display of equipment status
File distribution and equipment file information viewing
Real time audio file forwarding
Audio collection around equipment

Broadcast server management software (secondary development package can be provided)

Connect to the device server through WebService or socket
Submit the audio file to be forwarded
Submit real-time audio data to be forwarded
Provide other instructions and read the required data through the device server software
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