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What are the characteristics of the network audio module

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Thenetwork audio module is an ARM+DSP framework, focusing on the control module of network audio transmission, with 10/100M Ethernet interface, which can carry out one-way MP3 audio stream and two-way voice transmission through the network.

The network audio module uses a processor architecture plus a professional two-way audio Codec. The processor is responsible for data transmission, the analysis and execution of user commands, and the control of the power amplifier interface. The professional audio Codec is responsible for audio input and output. Through the network interface, the network audio module can be directly connected to the Ethernet.

network audio module

What are the characteristics of the network audio module:
1. Voice MIC input;
2. Audio Line in line input;
3. Stereo Line Out line output;
4. 2W audio power amplifier output, connected to 4~8Ω speaker;
5. Power amplifier control input and output (level input and relay output, mute output, power off output);
6. Provide NAManager general parameter configuration file;
7. Provide a secondary development dynamic library dedicated to MP3 playback and intercom;
8. With network remote firmware upgrade function;
9. One way to control the serial port (interact with E702T through serial port commands);
10. All the way to expand the SPI interface, the rate is up to 12M;
11. Two extended serial ports with a rate of up to 3.125Mbps, which can be provided to user equipment for network communication, and can also be connected to peripherals such as camera modules.

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