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What are the features of the audio transmission module

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-19      Origin: Site


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An audio transmission module is a device or component for transmitting audio signals, typically used in audio equipment, communication systems, media devices, and audio processing applications.

Below are some of the common features and characteristics of audio transmission modules:

Multiple Interfaces: Audio transport modules typically offer multiple interface options to meet the needs of different devices and applications. These can include analogue audio input/output, digita    l audio interfaces (e.g. S/PDIF, AES/EBU), USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and more.

High-quality audio transmission: They are designed for high-quality audio transmission, which can be achieved with low distortion and high fidelity. This is important for audio professional applications, sound systems and music production.

Real-time: Some audio transport modules support real-time audio transmission, ensuring that audio signals are transmitted with milliseconds of latency, for applications with high timing requirements, such as audio conferencing and audio/video communications.

Remote Control: Some have a remote control feature that allows users to control audio devices over the network or through other communication methods. This is useful in remote audio monitoring and remote audio processing.

Compatibility: They are often compatible with different audio formats and codecs to ensure interoperability with a variety of audio devices and systems.

Low power consumption: Audio transport modules may have low power consumption characteristics, making them suitable for portable audio devices and battery-powered applications.

Flexibility: Some audio transport modules have flexible configuration options that allow the user to customise settings for specific needs.

Scalability: They typically support multi-channel audio transmission for multi-channel audio processing and recording.

Immunity: Audio transmission modules are usually designed with a certain level of immunity to reduce the impact of external interference on the audio signal.

Security: For some applications, especially in the commercial and security fields, audio transmission modules may provide data encryption and security features to protect the confidentiality of audio data.

Overall, audio transmission modules have a wide range of functions and features that can be selected and configured according to different application requirements. These modules play an important role in the field of audio processing, audio transmission and audio communication.

SINREY Network Audio Module Dedicated Network Audio Module and sip Network Audio Module are audio playback modules based on network communication technology. It can receive audio data over the network, and perform processing such as decoding, converting, amplifying, etc., and finally output the audio signal to audio devices such as speakers or headphones.

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