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Intelligent street lamp 
intercom broadcasting system scheme


The smart tower operation communication connection point can be extended to the outside through wireless or wired ways, providing a variety of business services, including wireless base station, Internet of things, edge computing, public WiFi and optical transmission. In addition, the smart tower covers a wide area and is close to the connected objects. It is suitable for carrying the Internet system through various connection methods. Receive, integrate and transmit information from all areas of the city anytime and anywhere, and improve the city's intelligent level and management efficiency.

Public Safety

Smart towers are widely distributed in urban roads, streets and parks, and have good penetration in densely populated areas. By deploying cameras and emergency help buttons on the poles and networking with remote monitoring systems, they have become an indispensable part of urban security scenes. The black and white list monitoring of vehicles and people is realized by deploying cameras, and the risk factors are identified by face recognition / license plate recognition / behavior recognition and other technologies; By deploying a one button alarm, people can quickly contact the management personnel in an emergency, provide specific location information to the management personnel, and use the camera to quickly judge the site situation remotely, thus saving time for the treatment of various emergencies.

Intelligent lighting

With the vigorous development of Internet of things and LED technology, the combination of Internet of things and LED has led the intelligent transformation of municipal lighting into a fast lane. Intelligent lighting connects each lamp with the Internet through information sensing equipment to realize on-demand lighting and fine management of batch lamps, so as to achieve energy saving, emission reduction, efficient operation and maintenance. Remote monitoring of operation status, operation parameters and operation abnormalities.

Environmental Monitoring

he meteorological environment monitoring points based on the smart tower have the characteristics of large-scale dense distribution and coverage. The collected data are analyzed through the cloud platform and can be combined with the local and remote push services of environmental data to provide environmental information such as air quality, temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, noise, electromagnetic radiation and light intensity; Combined with the video monitoring system, it can also provide convenient environmental comprehensive services; It can also release information in real time in combination with the LED screen deployed by the smart tower. Realize the intelligent monitoring of urban environment and meteorology, give an alarm in advance, and provide data reference for the environmental protection department to improve the urban environment.

Intelligent Transportation

Due to the advantages of many points and close distance, the smart tower is more conducive to the collection and management of road and vehicle information. By mounting high-level cameras, the traffic department can manage the identification of various violations and illegal behaviors such as speeding and illegal parking. In addition, it can also complete the construction of intelligent road parking scenes in combination with license plate recognition; The traffic flow detector can collect and transmit traffic status information in real time, such as traffic flow, average speed of lanes, Lane congestion, etc; The intelligent level of the road can also be improved through the intelligent tower, for example, the water accumulation and fault information of the road can be monitored to achieve better vehicle road coordination.

Information Delivery

The smart tower has the characteristics of being close to people, being in pieces and connected. When information is released through the mounted equipment, it has the effect of wide dissemination, high effect and great impact. In case of emergency events such as fire and earthquake, emergency broadcast, warning light prompt can be carried out through the multimedia information release system to inform the public to evacuate safely; At the same time, it can also release government information, traffic information and commercial advertisements in combination with the LED screen; The smart tower equipped with multimedia interactive terminals can also realize interactive communication between human and machine through sensors.

Energy Business

In addition to meeting the normal operation of various self-contained equipment functions of the multi-functional tower, the energy based on the smart tower can also provide a variety of power supply and backup services. The services that can be provided include but are not limited to: charging pile, USB interface charging, signal lamp, camera backup, UAV charging, etc. users can also make appointments and view various services through mobile phone app.

System Function

The central government has made intensive arrangements for the progress of "new infrastructure construction" (i.e. "new infrastructure construction"), and relevant departments and localities have introduced corresponding measures one after another. For a time, the market set off an upsurge of "new infrastructure". As a new generation of urban information infrastructure, smart streetlights are related to many fields in the "new infrastructure", such as new energy vehicle charging piles and 5g base stations. Therefore, in this wave of new infrastructure, smart streetlights have also gained more construction demands and are expected to take advantage of the wave of new infrastructure to open up a larger market. For this reason, Xinyue network equipment Co., Ltd. has customized a set of radio intercom help system for smart lamp poles to provide suitable solutions for the majority of smart lamp pole manufacturers.

Background Music Timing (Automatic)

The system can play different background music to different areas of the road; Background music can be broadcast automatically all day, without special personnel.

Emergency Broadcast

When encountering sudden weather changes or traffic emergencies, the management personnel shall timely notify the pedestrians and vehicles who are likely to go to the emergency sections through emergency broadcasting.

Alarm rescue, two-way voice intercom

In case of emergency, tourists can use the call button on the intercom terminal panel installed on the smart light pole nearby to help and alarm the management department or the security control center so as to get help in the shortest time.

Business Broadcasting  

The system can regularly broadcast local road information, weather forecast, 
warm tips, etc. to some regions or the whole region.

Equipment Selection  

Network Active Sound Column

NA742 is a network sound column with 10 / 100M Ethernet interface. It receives network audio data from the network interface and plays it. This network sound column can be used with other broadcast hosts, server software and broadcast host to realize audio playback, and can be used in places such as campuses, banks, prisons, communities, hotels and shopping malls that need to be raised and local sound amplification.

Network Broadcast Intercom Help Server

Na2000 network broadcast intercom server is a 15 inch TFT LCD industrial integrated workstation of Guangzhou Xinyue network equipment Co., Ltd. It adopts a pull-out keyboard and a touch sliding mouse board chassis, with built-in double high-speed fans for heat dissipation and good heat dissipation. The front panel is equipped with LCD backlight and control switch. It is highly equipped with 5pci expansion slot, with stable performance and strong expansibility.

Network Paging Microphone

As the core component of the broadcast intercom system, nm803t integrates functions such as whole area broadcast, area broadcast, single point call, point-to-point intercom, and monitoring. The nm803 uses an aluminum alloy brushed panel, and is equipped with a high-performance gooseneck microphone and a high fidelity full frequency speaker, making the performance of the entire system excellent.
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