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The new technology of modern medical treatment is the product of the high degree of science and technology and the high degree of integration.Representative known new medical technology include: artificial reproductive technology, organ transplantation, gene technology, and imaging technology, laser technology, examples of directional technology.Its wide range, including the following characteristics.

Medical equipment raw materials from industrial materials

From the production process to the clinical application is the different stages of light, because of its span to play,
applied to the human body to be affected by the internal and external environment, and other complex factors.


   China's "Drug Administration Law" provisions of Article 102: drugs, is used for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human diseases, to regulate the physiological function of the human and provisions...


Qiu Renzong said: "the treatment, the doctor has proved to be an effective way to treat patients, the patient is the beneficiary. Or be cured, or the symptom relief. Drug clinical trials, the results are uncertain...


People's endless pursuit of health has stimulated the continuous innovation and development of drug developers for different therapeutic drugs.In the test process, in order to reduce test risk... 
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