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How to choose a POE power supply module

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-13      Origin: Site


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What is a POE power supply module

POE power supply module refers to a unit module that can provide network power supply for remote power receiving terminals (such as wireless APs, network cameras, etc.) through network cables. It is a relatively common basic accessory in POE power supply systems. The port output power is 15.4W-30W. It complies with IEEE802.3af/802.3at standards, and provides standard POE power supply for terminal equipment through network cable power supply, eliminating the need for additional power wiring.

How to identify whether the POE power supply module is a standard power supply

During the POE power supply process, only three power supply voltages will be output. When the power supply voltage in the detection stage is detected, the power supply voltage in the classification stage is 15-20V, and finally stabilized at 48V. The reason why the POE power supply voltage will cause many friends to doubt is that there are many non-standard POE power supply modules on the market. The output voltage of these modules is 12V, 24V, 48V, etc., especially the output voltage of some modules is 48V. It seems to be the same as the standard POE, but the actual difference is very big, which is very confusing. In fact, doubts about the voltage of the POE power supply module can be solved with a multimeter. Measure the power supply pins (1,2,3,6 or 4,5,7,8) of the PSE equipment using the POE power supply module with a meter. If there is 48V or other stable voltage output, it is non-standard (not tested, 48V or other The voltage value is directly powered): If the voltage cannot be measured (2-10V jump, it is detected at the PD end), it is a standard POE (the meter is not a legal PD, and it will not supply power without voltage). PSE DC 12V/24V power supply, directly to PD power supply ----- non-standard non-standard.
PSE DC 48V power supply, directly to PD, step-down power supply - non-standard POE power supply module.

POE power supply module

current market conditions

At present, the monitoring market is forced by cost pressure or unreasonable scheme design itself, and most POE power supply modules only support the relatively old standard of IEEE 802.3af. According to the IEEE802.3af specification, the POE power consumption on the powered device (PD) is limited to 12.95W. This standard cannot meet the needs of high-power terminals, and has always restricted the development of the market, resulting in the workload of project maintenance using POE power supply. It is very large, so the POE power supply is generally unstable for engineering companies.

The POE power supply module developed by sinrey follows the IEEE 802.3at specification, and IEEE802.3at (also known as POE+) defines devices with power requirements higher than 12.95W as Class 4, which can expand the power level to 25W or higher. Therefore, the power supply module using this standard can provide greater power supply requirements and meet more new high-power requirements.

How to choose a POE power supply module

Before choosing a POE power supply module, you should first consider the power of the equipment in the project. If the power of the equipment is below 15W, then you can choose the IEEE802.3af standard POE power supply module. If the power is greater than 15W, choose a high-power POE power supply module of IEEE802.3at standard.

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