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SIP Wall-mounted Network Active Speakers 741V

As a SIP playback terminal, SIP741V is a simple SIP active speaker with amplifier output, only decoding playback function, supporting G.722, G.711A/U and MP3 audio decoding. It receives audio data from the network and provides audio output.
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SIP741V is a wall-mounted network active speaker with 10/100M Ethernet interface, which can play network audio sources through its own amplifier and speaker output up to 15 W. It supports setting up to 10 multicast zones with priority.

Installation & Configuration

SIP741V is indoor wall-mounted with RJ45 network interface and DC5.5-2.1 power interface, and also supports the addition of POE function. After power on, the SIP741V will automatically obtain an IP address (BootP or DHCP), or find its IP address using Manager software. The device can also be easily configured and controlled via a standard web browser.

Application Development & Integration

SIP741V supports various control and communication modes, and we provide development documentation and programming examples for playback as well as SIP intercom (off SIP server). Serial port control commands and network control commands are also available. Software developers can write their own audio applications with custom features.


  • SIP protocol: support SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2 (RFC3261) and other network protocols

  • Audio features: support broadband G.722, narrowband G.711u/a and MP3 and other audio decoding protocols

  • Multicast function: accept SIP server center multicast data, with its own amplifier and speaker output playback

  • High compatibility: can be used with SIP803T intercom broadcast microphone, compatible with other SIP decoding terminals, free to choose to build a simple SIP system

  • Broadcast playback: support RTP multicast protocol and private broadcast protocol, can be broadcast shouting, timing ringing and other operations through our broadcast software.

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