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Socket Type SIP Protocol Playback Module Board Sip 2102V Audio Module

SINREY  SIP2102V is a versatile stand-alone SIP audio playback module designed for seamless integration into OEM products. This module is specifically engineered to decode and play SIP protocol and RTP audio streams from the network.
  • SIP2102V



SINREY SIP2102V network audio module seamlessly integrates into standard SIP systems, working harmoniously with other SIP terminals. Beyond supporting the standard SIP protocol, this module extends its functionality by accommodating the RTP multicast protocol. This capability enables it to receive and decode RTP multicast audio data for playback. The module is versatile, supporting multiple network protocols and audio decoding protocols, making it well-suited for diverse applications, including VoIP, IP paging, and high-quality music playback.


• Control method: SIP2102V is a playback module that can only passively receive intercom or broadcast audio signals. Control via external devices is not supported.

• Decode:  That is, audio playback. Receive the audio stream from the network, and output high-quality audio signal through the line after decoding by the module. Currently supports the following audio formats:MP3.WAV (PCM +IMA ADPCM), G.711, G.722, etc. Can play audio streams up to 48khz sampling rate 320kps bit rate. Receive the audio stream sent by TCP, UDP, RTP, multicast, broadcast, etc. in the network, and play it after local decoding.

• Output status (P-ST): Output high level during playback or intercom, which can be connected to indicator lights or control relays.

•POE power supply:Provide POE power receiving module interface




SIP2102V Network Audio Module Specification


Manager Manual.pdf

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