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Pin Type SIP Protocol Intercom Module Board

SIP2701V network audio module is a universal independent SIP audio function module, which can be easily embedded in OEM products. This module encodes and decodes the SIP protocol and rtp audio stream from the network.
  • SIP2701V




SIP2701V supports a variety of network protocols and audio codec protocols, and can be used for applications such as VoIP and IP paging, and high-quality music streaming media play.


• Standard RJ45 network interface, providing firmware online remote upgrade;

• Based on ARM + DSP architecture, high-speed industrial chip is adopted, with startup time ≤ 1s;

• It has an audio line output port, which can be externally connected to an active speaker for sound amplification;

• With audio line input port, external active microphone can be connected for intercom.


• Power input: voltage DC 4.7~5.5V

• Temperature: Operating temperature range Industrial grade: -40~85℃

• Network interface: 10/100M Base adaptive Ethernet interface

• Mic/LineIn input: typical amplitude 1000mVrms, signal-to-noise ratio 95dB

• Line Out output: load 10KΩ, typical 1000Vrms, signal-to-noise ratio 95dB (in playback mode)

• Decoding mode: Provide stereo playback, up to 48kHz, 320kbps audio stream, support MP3, WAV (PCM +IMA ADPCM), G.711 a/u, G.722 and other formats.

• Coding mode: Support G.711a/u, G.722 and RTP mode

• Module size: length×width×height: 5.2×4×1.5cm

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