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What is a sip broadcast intercom system

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The sip broadcast intercom system is an intelligent broadcast intercom management system based on the SIP protocol. It can be compatible with any SIP intercom, broadcast equipment terminal and service terminal system, and can realize functions such as timing, partition broadcast intercom and paging.

At present, many manufacturers on the market have launched IP intercom and broadcasting equipment to cooperate with their own systems for project construction, which has also given birth to the prosperity of the IP intercom and broadcasting market.

IP telephones and IP broadcast terminals are connected to the sip broadcast intercom fusion server through the network or LAN, and all broadcast terminals are managed and controlled by the SIP broadcast management control software, so as to realize regional, global, fixed-point broadcast or broadcast to the terminals, and at the same time can Timed fixed-area broadcast.

SIP broadcast intercom management system is an application software designed for the unified management of SINREY SIP broadcast intercom terminal equipment. Each SIP broadcast intercom terminal device can be remotely configured, remotely monitored, and managed uniformly through this application software.

A simple connection to the broadcast system server via SIP protocol can use a desk phone or softphone to initiate broadcasts or announcements. You can use the specified audio file to broadcast at a specific time to a specified area through the SIP broadcast management system.

All SIP broadcasts, broadcasts or alarm logs can be viewed and tracked through the telephone system. And according to the specific situation, the system can be easily expanded to add more broadcast intercom devices to the network.

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