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Where can the SIP network audio module be used?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-15      Origin: Site


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No matter it is used in audio broadcasting, two-way intercom, ambient sound collection (monitoring),SIP2703V network audio module can be used with very few peripherals. For example, it can be integrated into active speakers as IP network speakers, integrated into traditional constant-voltage power amplifiers as network constant-voltage power amplifiers; it can also be integrated into industrial robots to add playback, intercom and other functions.

SIP audio module

Network audio equipment can accept audio streams from the network and convert them into analog audio signals for output after decoding. The figure below is a standard playback application scenario.
SIP2703V network audio module is used as a playback terminal, only need to add power supply and external power amplifier. It can be used as a single device, or integrated in other audio devices (power amplifier, or active speakers, etc.), making it a network audio playback terminal.

The broadcast host can use our company's broadcast system control software, broadcasting equipment, network microphone, etc., or the user can develop his own broadcast software based on our company's DLL dynamic library. Both the playback software and the playback development kit use our company's private protocol, and only support the playback of our company's equipment modules. As a playback terminal, the network audio module uses our proprietary protocol for playback control, and can only be used in a LAN or VPN intranet. In fact, customers can also choose to develop their own playback software of SIP protocol, which can be used in LAN or Internet.

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