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What is campus IP network broadcasting system

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What is campus IP network broadcasting system? The campus network (digital) IP network broadcasting system is the dtsaic network broadcasting system, which converts the signal transmitted by the traditional broadcasting through the IP network host into a digital signal, so that it can be transmitted to any desired place through the Internet or a local area network, breaking through the distance limit . The digital IP network broadcasting system is an important manifestation of the multimedia form of network communication and an important manifestation of the development of radio and television media on the Internet.

In order to meet the needs of the campus, the school broadcasting system is divided into four subsystems: indoor broadcasting system, outdoor broadcasting system, scheduled broadcasting system, and emergency broadcasting system.

Indoor broadcasting system: mainly used in classrooms, offices, libraries, training rooms, conference rooms, student activity centers and other indoor places. Sound quality requirements notification, exam broadcast, music playback and other basic life, the use of cultural and artistic activities.

Outdoor broadcasting system: mainly used in outdoor places such as playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, green belts, and college peripheral corridors. The use of basic life and cultural activities such as notifications and music playback for sound quality requires higher requirements for loudspeakers in outdoor broadcasting systems.

Timing broadcasting system: mainly used for functional broadcasting of bells between classes, eye exercises, electronic alarm clocks, etc. to each district of the campus.
Emergency broadcast system: When there is an emergency, such as fire, major accident, power outage, etc., the broadcast room can broadcast emergency broadcasts to the whole hospital with one key.

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