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What is IP Network Broadcasting System

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What is an IP network broadcasting system? The IP network broadcasting system is based on the IP data network. The audio signal is digitally encoded and transmitted in the form of data packets according to the TCP\IP protocol on the local area network or wide area network, and then decoded by the terminal. Purely digital one-way, two-way and multi-way audio reinforcement system . IP network broadcasting is broadcasting using TCP or IP network technology. It transmits audio signals in the form of standard IP packets on a local area network or wide area network. It is a set of digitally transmitted two-way audio reinforcement broadcasting.

IP network broadcasting system

Unlike traditional broadcasting, which has problems such as poor sound quality, complicated maintenance and management, and lack of interactivity, IP network broadcasting is easy to use. It is easy to install and expand, just connect the audio terminal to the computer network to form a powerful digital broadcast. And each access point does not need separate wiring, and can realize the multi-network integration functions of computer network, digital video surveillance, and public broadcasting.

With the development of network technology and the improvement of infrastructure, the market share of IP network broadcasting is getting higher and higher. IP network broadcasting is an inevitable trend in the development of traditional public broadcasting. Sinrey has made great achievements in the research and development, production and sales of IP network broadcasting If you need IP network broadcasting, please contact our company.

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